Paradise 6-Cotton Triangle Bird Swing, Small

Paradise Toys Good and Plenty, 5-Inch W by 10-Inch L

Article number: m00264
Quantity: 1

This fun toy is perfect for keeping your bird active, and promotes exploration as well as instinctive activities such as chewing.

Leather strands with a variety of colorful components that can be maneuvered into the most accessible position. This toy helps improve balance, eye - foot coordination skills and satisfies the need to chew. Wood Dangling On Leather For Your Parrot To Manipulate, Toss, Tug, Pull and Chew.

  • Great toy for Yellow Napes, Blue Fronts Dbl Yellow Heads etc.
  • A combination of soft and hard wood provided to challenge your parrots
  • Excellent toy for young amazons just learning to manipulate objects
  • Long lasting toy which stimulates beak and foot coordination and exercise
  • Made with pet safe materials and quick link fastener for easy attachment to cage

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