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Austin Air Healthmate Unit
Who should consider the Austin HealthMate?
Families looking for healthy, fresh, clean air.
Those with slight sensitivities to airborne particles and gases.
People close to farms, cities and roads

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The Austin Air Healthmate Air Purifier B400C1 cleaners have been constantly rated at the top of air cleaners categories in independent testing. The Austin Air Healthmate 400 cleans up with 15 lbs. of Carbon-Zeolite mix and true medical HEPA filter media adsorption of odors and gases. Comes with wheels for easy portability. Order the compact yet effective Austin Air Healthmate 400 today.

Featured HEPA Filtration Technology

1. Specialty air cleaner with 60 sq. ft. of medical HEPA, certified to remove 99.97% of airborne particles 0.3 microns or larger.

2. Contains 15 pounds of granular carbon and zeolite for the adsorption of odors, gasses and chemicals.

3. Stands 23" tall and 14.5" wide. Effectively cleans an area of 1500 sq. ft. (with normal ceiling heights).


Air Purifiers and Coronavirus (COVID-19)

Over recent weeks as COVID-19 continues to spread to countries across the world, we are all concerned about our health and the health of our loved ones, particularly if they are elderly or have on going health problems.

As this global crisis unfolds, we have noticed a huge increase in demand for our products. And it is clear many people have lots of questions and concerns. As we face the challenges ahead, we thought we’d take this opportunity to explain how our units can help.

Do Austin Air Purifiers protect against COVID-19?

COVID-19 is a new strain of virus that as yet, remains untested. However, the HEPA technology used in our filters is clinically proven to remove 95% of all pollutants as small as 0.1 microns. The COVID-19 virus is larger than this, at 0.12 microns in size. So we are confident our air purifiers are effectively removing the vast majority of the virus when it is airborne.

However, it is important to mention, that as well as airborne transmission, the virus can also be spread via surfaces and human contact. Therefore, it is vital that we regularly wash our hands and practice social distancing.

Which unit should I buy?

If COVID-19 is your main concern, we would recommend the Austin Air HealthMate or the HealthMate Plus. Both models use HEPA technology and are effective at removing 95% of all airborne viruses, as well as everyday pollutants such as dust, dander and allergens. The HealthMate Plus model gives you added protection against chemicals and VOC’s.

When will my unit be shipped?

We are fully committed to do whatever it takes to ensure our customers experience minimum disruption in the coming weeks and months. As part of this commitment, we have extended our production and shipping hours, in order to meet with increased demand. If you order direct with us online before 1pm EST, your unit will be shipped the same day and delivered to you via Federal Express ground shipping, unless otherwise specified on your order.

We are prepared to navigate through these challenging times with your safety at the forefront of everything we do. Look after yourselves and those close to you. Stay safe everyone.

  • Sounder Sleep
  • Reduced Snoring
  • Stop Sneezing
  • Reduce nighttime allergies & asthma attacks
  • Strengthen your immune system
  • Reduced coughing and wheezing
  • Eliminate dry mouth and runny nose

Who should consider the Austin HealthMate?

Families looking for healthy, fresh, clean air

Those with slight sensitivities to airborne particles and gases

People close to farms, cities and roads

Why is the Austin HealthMate the best choice?

Very effective at removing particles in the air including dust, pollens and smoke elements

Great at removing chemicals and gases from the air

Removes viruses and bacteria

Designed to last for years, removing all air pollutants and delivering the freshest of air

Will cleanse the air for areas up to 1500 sq ft

Chosen by the Red Cross and FEMA to address the air quality concerns in post 9/11 New York. 

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