Aglet Heaven Small 9" x 2"

Aglet Heaven Small 9" x 2"

Article number: ARO035
Quantity: 5

Brighten up the cage with this bird thrilling toy!

The 51214 Small Aglet Heaven from Bonka Bird Toys is a colorful and easy to play with bright bird toy for your small to medium sized feathered friend. This bird toy is made with many layers of soft colorful cotton bird safe shoelace! At the top of the toy there is a quick link attachment for fast hanging right out the package. A colorful cotton shoelace is hanging from the quick link connector and supports the main ring of the bird toy. The ring of the toy has been completed covered with soft colorful cotton shoe laces. These shoelaces are strung over and through a hole and then hang down side by side in a circular formation following the shape of the ring. Each shoelace has multiple plastic aglets on its length and at its end. These aglets feel wonderful in beaks and feet and help make the shape of the bird toy more fun. Your pet will have a blast exploring the inside, checking out the different laces, marveling at how they fall and tumble and tugging and pulling on the soft cotton. This bird toys bright colors make it stand out in any cage and easy to play with design make it perfect for pets of all ages and abilities.

The 51214 Small Aglet Heaven is 100% bird safe and weighs and measures approximately:

Height from quick link connector to bottom of toy: (11) inches

Ring diameter: (2.25) inches or (2 1/4) inches

Weight: under (2) ounces


  • Super bird enticing colorful small size toy.
  • Lots of bird safe lively lace.
  • Fun to grab with beaks and feet.
  • 100% bird safe.
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