Happy Beaks 14"x14" Square Woven Natural Seagrass Vine Mat

Happy Beaks 10"x10" Square Woven Natural Seagrass Vine Mat

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  • FOR SMALL TO LARGE BIRDS - Birds of all sizes love seagrass mats. Seagrass mats are also great for rabbits, hamsters, guinea pigs, chinchillas and reptiles.
  • DESIGN FEATURES - These all natural, untreated and hand-woven seagrass fiber mats serve as an excellent and very versatile toy-making base. Fold it, roll it, stuff it, hang it and add your bird's favorite toy parts to create a one of a kind, custom bird toy. The design possibilities are endless.
  • ENRICHMENT BENEFITS - Seagrass mats provide birds with chewing and preening opportunities. Further enrichment benefits are achieved depending on your usage/design. Create foraging rolls, platform swings, sleeping mats, shelters, climbing walls and privacy curtains.
  • RELIEVES BOREDOM – parrot toys are “Playthings with a Purpose” that help to ward off boredom, depression, aggression and destructive behaviors in parrots by stimulating physical activity, curiosity and mental engagement.
  • BIRD SAFE COMPONENTS & DESIGN – Recommended by avian professionals worldwide, our products are expertly designed to maximize the safety and enrichment benefits to pet parrots. Bird owners can be confident that only the finest toy components are used.
  • 100% NATURAL AND HAND WOVEN. The seagrass mat is highly sustainable and is made from all natural, eco-friendly seagrass fibers.
  • MULTIPLE USES. Let your imagination run wild, there are endless possibilities to get your creative juices flowing.
  • EXTREME RESISTANCE TO WATER. Seagrass is found in wet marshlands and are virtually non-porous, making it more durable and long lasting.
  • SAFE, EDIBLE AND ALLERGEN FREE. Birds love to forage on these mats, they don't contain any toxins and are virtually allergen free.
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