JW PET PRODUCTS - JW Hol-EE Roller Small Assorted Colors

JW Hol-EE Roller Small Assorted Colors

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The JW® Hol-ee Roller® is a fun, versatile dog toy that lets dogs play in multiple ways! Made from soft, stretchy rubber, the JW Hol-ee Roller features a unique open design that lets pet parents insert treats, kibble, other small toys, ice cubes, or whatever else you can think of to create a mentally challenging puzzle treat experience for their dogs. Available in a variety of sizes, the Hol-ee Roller can be used as a training aid or for fetch, toss, tugging, and puzzle treat time. Ships in assorted colors.

PRODUCT NOTE: For supervised play only. Know your dog and choose the appropriate size and type of toy to prevent choking or other harm. Inspect this toy regularly; if the toy is damaged or if parts become separated, remove the toy and parts as injury may result. Not a child's toy.



3" L x 3" W x 3" H
Product Weight
.2 LB


  • Stuff with treats or small toys to keep bored dogs occupied
  • Provides mental stimulation
  • Made from durable natural rubber
  • Gentle on your dog's mouth


Did you know that dogs need mental stimulation to live happy and healthy lives? That's right, just like humans, dogs need to be challenged sometimes in order to thrive. You can challenge your dog with puzzle or treat toys, like the JW Hol-ee Roller which rewards your dog during playtime. The JW Hol-ee Roller is a popular dog toy for many reasons, with the Hol-ee design being #1! Get creative and #hackyourrholee by stuffing it with dog treats wrapped in cut up strips of an old t-shirt, ice cubes, plush toys, apples, or anything else you can think of! Then give it to your dog for a puzzl-ee challenge. With sizes available ranging from mini to jumbo, be sure to pick a size that's larger than your dog's mouth.

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