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JW Pet Activitoy Disco Ball

Article number: 36531059
Quantity: 3
  • Fun interactive bird toy featuring a disco ball and bell
  • Plastic hanger winds securely around cage
  • Provides healthy entertainment, relieves cage boredom and engages motor skills
  • Shiny surface provides extra stimulation
  • Great for cockatiels, parakeets and similarly sized birds

The JW Pet Activitoy Birdie Disco Ball Toy is a fun, interactive toy made to engage your pet bird’s senses and provide extra stimulation. This shiny disco ball attracts birds with a multifaceted surface covered in tiny reflective squares and keeps them fascinated with a ringing bell. The captivating Birdie Disco Ball Toy easily fastens onto a wire cage or most perches or branches.

Dimensions 8 x 5.25 x 2.25 inches
Bird Type Canary, Finch, Lovebird, Cockatiel, Parakeet, Budgie, Parrotlet, Quaker, Conure
Material Plastic


Easy to hang from a wire cage, just curl the plastic hanger around the wire. For parakeets, cockatiels and similarly sized birds.

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