LAFEBER COMPANY - Lafeber Avi-Cakes Fruit Delight Parrot 8oz

Lafeber Avi-Cakes Fruit Delight Parrot 8oz

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Your feathered friend will truly be delighted when you offer him our Fruit Delight Avi-Cakes! Full of fruits like cranberries, dates, mango, papaya and pineapple these Fruit Delight Avi-Cakes explode with tastes your bird will love! Foraging for food is a key part of a bird's life in the wild. By feeding Fruit Delight Avi-Cakes your bird doesn't have to sacrifice its natural desire to forage for a delicious, healthy diet. This wholesome mixture of fruits, grains and nutritious pellets are all held together with a great tasting natural binder. This combination of natural goodness provides all the nutrition essential for good health and a long happy life! At Lafeber Company we balance the omega 3 & 6 fatty acids which help to strengthening the immune system. We also use chelated minerals for better absorption, stabilized vitamins for better longevity, and we naturally preserve and flavor our foods. Plus, we only use human grade fruits and vegetables in our products which means you can rest assured your bird is getting the best possible diet. Lafeber Company is one of the few food companies that produce all of their own food. All Lafeber products are proudly manufactured on Dr. Lafeber's great grandfather's farm in Cornell, Illinois. To help insure our foods are fully nutritional and our high quality standards are met, an independent lab tests all of our recipes. By carefully watching our food production from beginning to end, we are able to produce the highest quality pet bird food available. Every diet that comes from Lafeber Company is Veterinarian recommended and designed to keep your feathered friend a part of your family for years to come.

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