Calcium Plus Liquid Calcium 8 oz.

Morning Bird Products - Calcium plus - 8 oz -

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Morning Bird Products - Calcium plus - 8 oz -

  • BENEFITS: Helps birds with calcium deficiency, a cause of seizures, poor bone density, egg binding, feather plucking, splayed legs, nervousness, or poor muscle control
  • ACTIVE INGREDIENTS: Calcium Borogluconate, Vitamin D3, Magnesium (MG++)
  • MAXIMUM ABSORPTION: Concentrated, pre-dissolved, highly bioavailable bird calcium supplement formulated for maximum intestinal absorption
  • EASY TO USE: Add to clean drinking water, fruits, vegetables, soaked seed, or soft food, or feed directly to the bird

Concentrated, pre-dissolved, highly bio-available form of calcium, vitamin D3, and magnesium formulated for maximum intestinal absorption.

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