Parrot University, The - Aviator Harness - Medium - Black - With LeashAviator Harness - Medium - Black With Leash

Article number: 150322
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  • Medium Aviator Harness for birds weighing between 425-600 grams or 15 - 21 oz: average to large eclectuses; medium macaws (severe, red fronted), large amazon parrots (double yellow, yellow nape), umbrella cockatoos and average to large african greys
  • ESCAPE-PROOF! With other brands of harnesses, your bird can easily remove the leash and harness. The Aviator Harness keeps yourpet safe and secure.
  • Self-adjusting leash: Automatically adjusts from the chest to the back as the bird climbs and flies. Fewer pressure contact points on bird.
  • The strong steel slides have been powder-coated black to make them unattractive as toys. However, we have not heard of any bird yet that was able to break it.
  • Easiest to install - one piece design - No buckles or clips.
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