VITAPOL - Vitapol Vitaline Chili Pepper 1.4oz

Vitapol Vitaline Chili Pepper 1.4oz

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Complementary pet food. Ingredients: Dred Chilli Pepper. Guaranteed analysis: Crude Protein (Kjeldahl method) min. 13.3%, Crude Fat min. 7.2%, Crude Fibre max. 30.6%, Crude Ash max. 5.82%, Phosphorus min. 0%, Phosphorus max. 0.55%, Calcium min. 0%, C`alcium max. 0.679% Moisture max. 12%.


Chilli peppers are a real treat for many parrots. Chillies are rich in vitamin A, which helps with tissue growth and repair, as well as good eyesight and hearing. Eating chillies also helps to improve the quality, color and shine of a bird's feathers. Peppers contain many health-promoting and disease-preventing properties. Their main active ingredient is capsaicin with antibacterial, anti-cancer, LDL cholesterol lowering properties, increasing blood flow and delivering euphoric endorphins to the bloodstream, improving the parrot's well-being. It also has astringent and anti-irritant properties and is a natural digestive aid.

The way of feeding

Give as a snack or reward. Treats should not exceed 20% of total food intake per day. Ensure constant access to fresh water.

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