VITAPOL - Vitapol Vitaline Forest and Orchard Fruits 5.29oz

Vitapol Vitaline Forest and Orchard Fruits 5.29oz

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Complementary pet food. Ingredients: Dried Rosehip, Dried Apple, Dried Chokeberry, Dried Hawthorn, Dried Blackthorn. Guaranteed analysis: Crude Protein (Kjeldahl method) min. 2.4%, Crude Fat min. 0.3%, Crude Fibre max. 23.5%, Crude Ash max. 4.75%, Phosphorus min. 0%, Phosphorus max. 0.313%, Calcium min. 0%, Calcium max. 0.677%, Moisture max. 12%.


Complementary blend based on Polish fruit, rich in pectins and vitamins. The rosehip fruit is a valuable source of vitamin C, primarily, it strengthens the immune system. Juniper fruits contain, among others essential oil, organic acids, vitamin C. It affects liver diseases as a choleretic and choleretic drug, and in kidney diseases as a diuretic. Apple is a valuable source of fiber and is also easy to digest.

The way of feeding

Give as a snack or reward. Treats should not exceed 20% of total food intake per day. Ensure constant access to fresh water.

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